Today’s engineers contribute significantly to the success of many major projects. They spend their time solving problems, travelling the world, creating new ideas, and contribute to improving our lives and living standards.

Did you know that Engineering does not cover only the construction and transport sectors?

Engineering today covers a wide spectrum of industries including globally expanding sectors such as Manufacturing, IT, Transport, Marine and the Aerospace industries.

A profession that see more females entering the sector, engi­neers today are also highly sought af­ter in the Healthcare industry to design and manage health-care systems or in the Banking industry to provide hardware and systems support.

Did you know that the bulk of Singapore’s top earners / CEOs are engineers by qualification?

Engineers are paid well. A 2007 study conducted by The Business Times* found that most of Singapore’s best-paid executives from STI listed companies have engineering degrees. Seventeen of the 55 executives (30%, and the most of any profession) graduated with engineering degrees and are commanding annual pay packets that range from above $250,000 to more than $9 million.

An engineering education and background can equip one with useful analytical, creative and systems thinking skills that in turn contribute to the development of a successful career.

Today, many successful organizations have an engineer in the CEO’s seat. Here are some examples:

  1. Mr. Chew Choon Seng (Singapore Airlines)
  2. Mr. Liew Mun Leong (Capitaland)
  3. Ms. Ho Ching (Temasek Holdings)
  4. Mr. Sim Wong Hoo (Creative Technology)
  5. Mr. Mark Chang (

Some of our current cabinet ministers also stem from an engineering background such as industrial engineers like Minister for National Development, Mr. Mah Bow Tan and Health Minister, Mr. Khaw Boon Wan.


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