Nurturing Healthcare Professionals: How NUHS Empowers its Workforce

Nurturing Healthcare Professionals: How NUHS Empowers its  Workforce
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 27 June, 2024

At the core of healthcare organisations in Singapore are dedicated medical staff members – front line workers such as doctors, nurses, administrators, and more. One such organisation is the National University Health System (NUHS), one of three public healthcare clusters. Integrated as both an academic health system and a regional health system, NUHS is renowned for delivering value-driven, innovative, and sustainable healthcare. 

For many candidates in the healthcare sector, a pertinent question arises: who takes care of the healthcare workers? Given the high priority that many jobseekers place on employee welfare, NUHS stands out as an organisation that stays committed to this principle. During the two-year-long pandemic, NUHS focused intently on nurturing a culture of care that has enhanced workplace resilience, as reflected in increased productivity and improved teamwork. This, in turn, has led to good patient outcomes and a medical staff committed to providing high-quality patient care even in the most challenging times, making NUHS an ideal place to work.

The organisation recognises the intrinsic value of its employees and strives to cultivate an environment where every individual can thrive. The company takes pride in its commitment to making NUHS an exemplary workplace, and its efforts have not gone unnoticed: they received The Straits Times Best Employer 2024 award in the public healthcare sector.

Universal Language of Care and Comprehensive Employee Benefits

NUHS embodies a universal language of care. This ethos, known as “WE CARE,” an acronym that stands for “Warmth, Empathy, Communication, Advocate, be Responsive and Empower,” is practised not only towards patients but also among staff, fostering a culture of mutual respect. For example, employees are encouraged to express their appreciation by sending notes of encouragement to each other via an internal WeCare system.

Of course, it is only fitting that a culture of care is accompanied by a robust employee benefits package. At NUHS, this consists of various types of leave – including annual leave, and allowances for marriage, family care, childcare, maternity, paternity, and examination leave. Monetary rewards include Annual Wage Supplement (AWS), performance based bonuses, allowances for eligible shifts and callback roles, meal allowances, and advance pay during festive seasons.

In addition to medical benefits, NUHS offers a variety of programmes for physical, emotional, social, and mental wellbeing – and these programmes are also extended to family members. Further, NUHS employees receive welfare benefits including discounts on hotel stays and complimentary tickets to local attractions.

Integrating Healthcare and Technology for Increased Efficiency

As technology continues to be seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, it's only natural that the healthcare industry should follow suit, embracing innovation for enhanced efficiency.

NUHS has streamlined employee collaboration and information-sharing, as exemplified by the successful integration of Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams. A key aspect of this upgrade is the eventual inclusion of all public healthcare institutions on the same platform, facilitating streamlined communications throughout the entire cluster. Moreover, employees now have immediate access to HR-related information through a WhatsApp chatbot known as “Ask HR,” making their experience at the workplace more productive.

Meanwhile, the OneNUHS mobile app was launched on 3 May 2022. With this, patients under NUHS hospital and clinic systems can manage their appointments, make bill payments, request medication refills and copies of medical reports, and receive teleconsultation for non-emergency follow-up appointments. The TeleConsult feature also ensures the safety of both patients and healthcare workers by reducing physical contact and hence, lowering exposure to potential infections.

The Learning Never Stops

Beyond just completing tasks, NUHS prioritises lifelong learning. Employees enjoy complimentary access to an array of programmes offered through the NUHS Academy, a comprehensive hub dedicated to education, innovation, networking, and knowledge-sharing. In collaboration with the Labour Movement's Healthcare Academy (HCA), which includes partners like the Healthcare Services Employees' Union (HSEU), NTUC LearningHub, and NTUC's e2i (Employment and Employability Institute), as well as strategic learning partners from both public and private sectors and academia, the NUHS Academy is committed to inspiring and cultivating learners across the entire healthcare service continuum. This encompasses a wide spectrum of professions, including medical, nursing, allied health, administrative, and ancillary roles.

Since its inception in April 2023, the NUHS Academy has continuously expanded its offerings, providing a diverse range of courses that cater to the evolving needs of its employees. With approximately 10 programmes covering essential areas such as leadership training, culture building, and information technology, the Academy has already successfully trained 8,000 employees to date. Looking ahead, the Academy aims to further enrich its curriculum with 40 additional courses, leveraging the invaluable support of the Labour Movement's Healthcare Academy and a host of strategic partners.

Becoming a Part of NUHS

At NUHS, employees find themselves within a vibrant nexus of learning, teaching, engagement, and growth. Candidates prized for their innovation, creativity, and forward-thinking are highly sought after. The collaborative spirit within NUHS transcends roles, uniting doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, ancillary staff, and administrators to deliver incredible care and health to our community.

NUHS values individuals who are driven, passionate, and eager to contribute to innovative work. Positions are open to candidates at all stages of their careers, whether fresh graduates eager to embark on their professional journey or seasoned professionals to shape the future of healthcare!

Join us at NUHS, where every day presents an opportunity to learn, grow, and make a difference in the lives of others.

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