10 Part-Time Opportunities to Gain New Experiences

10 Part-Time Opportunities to Gain New Experiences
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 10 March, 2022

There is truth to the adage that learning can continue outside the four walls of a classroom. While theories and principles are best taught in school, these are best realised in a true-to-life setting. Numerous part-time jobs for students in Singapore allow this to happen, teaching new skills and practical lessons that can help in building a career.

Some take on flexible part-time jobs to earn extra income. This is an acceptable reason, especially with the status of the economy; and honestly, having extra cash is always welcome. But this should not be a student's only motivation. Part-time jobs in Singapore are some of the most coveted, even among jobseekers from other countries, because of the holistic training that they offer. Taking on a part-time opportunity allows one to build up experiences, upgrade specific skills, and expand one's network. It's also a good way to test the waters if you're on the right track towards the career you want to build. Plus, it always looks good on the resume. Whether it's only a weekend work or even a volunteer stint, a part-time job allows a student to absorb priceless knowledge, experience, and career edge.

Here are 10 part-time jobs that students in Singapore can do at home:

1. Data Entry Officer

Got a laptop or a desktop computer ready? Then you can easily apply for this part-time job that will help you learn about data organisation and analysis. Main tasks include assisting in data entry duties and filing and scanning documents. Earn as much as $2,400 per month.

For data entry jobs, click here.

2. Social Media Manager

While some may dismiss posting on social media accounts is a trivial task, it entails hard work. As a part-time social media manager, you will strategise, create, and schedule content for various social media outlets. You might also be required to analyse data, check the latest trends, and evaluate competitors. Earn around $800 per month.

For social media jobs, click here.

3. Translator

If you're multilingual, then you should take advantage of this part-time opportunity. You'll be required to translate various documents, including emails, reports, brochures, and even cookbooks—while working comfortably at home and in your own free time. Earn up to $4,000 per month.

For translating jobs, click here.

4. Private Tutor

If you're planning to build an academic career in the future, take your first step by becoming a tutor for students of various levels. Primary tutors may teach English, maths, sciences, and languages, while more advanced areas include economics, geography, and accountancy. Lessons can be conducted at the parents' home or via online. Earn up to $120 per hour.

For tutoring jobs, click here.

5. Telemarketer

Make the most out of your good communication skills by applying to be a part-time telemarketer. Consider every call you make to a client as a potential sales pitch, which is good practice when you formally enter the corporate world. The stint is perfect for students in Singapore looking for a part-time job with flexible working hours. Earn around $900 per month.

For telemarketing jobs, click here.

Here are 5 other part-time opportunities that would usually require working outside the home:

1. Temperature Screener

This one's an in-demand job born amid the pandemic. It involves checking the temperature of anyone entering a building and ensuring safety standards. While some may consider it a risky undertaking, the task will help you learn protocols in the medical field and even test your alertness in stressful situations. Earn up to $16 per hour.

For temperature screening jobs, click here.

2. Student Care Teacher

Want a job that involves caring for children? Consider this part-time opportunity at student care centres. Here, you will help in supervising and monitoring children with their after-school activities. You'll also need to keep their health, safety, and well-being in check. Earn up to $1,200 per month.

For student care teaching jobs, click here.

3. Food or Warehouse Packer

A knack for keeping things organised will help you land this part-time job. As more people employ new ways of getting consumer goods, companies are looking for packers to get deliveries out as smoothly as possible. The job entails sorting, portioning, weighing, and packing food orders and warehouse goods. Earn up to $2,000 per month.

For packing jobs, click here.

4. Digital Marketing Assistant

Want to upgrade your digital production skills to match industry standards? Start by applying as a digital marketing assistant, where you'll be able to create storyboards, mockups, and prototypes to present to stakeholders. Production may require some time away from your home, but you'll surely get to learn the latest on graphic design, art direction, and video editing. Earn around $1,000 per month.

For digital marketing jobs, click here.

5. Guest Experience Leader

The task is to deliver an exceptional in-store feel-good experience in a fast-food restaurant. What does that mean? The job entails ensuring that customers have a great time from arrival to departure. That may include greeting them, helping them order, and handling various concerns. A great way to learn about the hospitality industry! Earn up to $1,700 per month.

For guest experience jobs, click here.

There are many other part-time opportunities for students in Singapore if you want to get into retail, F&B, multimedia arts, health, and tourism industries. With all these options available for you, the next best thing to do is to pick the job that matches your current skills and future goals.

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