Jobstreet’s Guide to Asking for a Pay Rise (Infographic)

Jobstreet’s Guide to Asking for a Pay Rise (Infographic)
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 26 September, 2022

There’s ONE sensitive topic that employees rarely discuss among themselves and sometimes find it extremely uncomfortable to even bring up with their employers. Can you guess what it is? That’s right, the ever-taboo topic of a pay rise. 

At some point in your career, you WILL need to discuss a pay rise with your manager, to ensure that your salary is in line with your current job responsibilities and the market rates in Singapore.  

While you might want to shy away from rocking the boat at work, with the right tools & data, you CAN and SHOULD have an open conversation with your manager about your salary.  


Quick checklist before you ask for a pay rise: 

  • Reflect on why you deserve a raise 
  • Learn what you’re worth with JobStreet’s Explore Salaries 
  • Calculate how much you’d take home with JobStreet's Salary Calculator
  • Prepare a document with your achievements 
  • Prepare a script to guide your conversation 
  • Book a conducive meeting slot with your manager 
  • Remain calm & confident in the discussion to maximise your shot at success 

Good luck!

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