3 Concrete Ways Jobstreet.com Can Help Companies Enhance Their Employer Value Proposition

3 Concrete Ways Jobstreet.com Can Help Companies Enhance Their Employer Value Proposition
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 11 January, 2017


In today’s diverse job market, companies are investing more and more in developing their employer brand in order to make themselves attractive in the eyes of candidates. Top employers often put a lot of effort not only to market their brand but to enhance their employer value proposition (EVP) in order to strengthen their ability to recruit and retain employees.

If you are going to look at top companies like Facebook and Google, you might say that they’re all big and that they have strong brand recognition and recall. Apart from those, they also do not run out of candidates who aspire to work for them.

Employers like Facebook and Google as well as other top companies in Singapore are considered to be among the most attractive places to work in because they have invested a lot in developing and communicating their employer value proposition. Not only do they communicate the culture of their company clearly, but they also give people a compelling reason to want to work for them all while making people stay with the organization.

JobStreet.com, as an online job portal, doesn’t only help hirers find the talent they need. More than that, JobStreet.com helps companies enhance their EVP in order to position themselves as an attractive place to work in.

Here are 3 concrete ways JobStreet.com can help companies enhance their employer value proposition.

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