8 Effective Leadership Qualities You Need to Advance Your Career

8 Effective Leadership Qualities You Need to Advance Your Career
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 28 July, 2022

If you’re looking to advance in your career, then one quality you must develop is leadership. After all, a more senior role will entail some management or administrative responsibilities, and it is best to be prepared for that task when it finally happens.

After all, taking care of a team is no small feat. As a leader, you will face a colourful spectrum of personalities daily while doing your best to reconcile your employees’ expectations with business goals.

While it is a massive responsibility, the most effective and inspiring leaders are those who learn to cultivate conducive working cultures and foster meaningful relationships with their people.

What Makes a Great Leader

People want to be part of an empowering work culture that brings out the best in the people and helps them grow as a team. That is where an inspiring leader comes in.

The qualities of a true leader go beyond simply effectively managing others on their team. They inspire those on their team to challenge their boundaries and reach their fullest potential.

A great leader does more than dole out orders; they lead by example and inspire and motivate others to deliver great work of their own accord.

What Are the Benefits of Having Good Leadership in the Workplace?

When the workplace is being run by a good leader, the benefits show. Employees feel the positive work environment, inspiring them to deliver good performances unfailingly.

Some of the benefits of having good and effective leadership in the workplace include:

  • Improved productivity. Employees that work under effective leaders can churn out better work. With a happier disposition at work, they take initiative and are more willing to go the extra mile.
  • A healthy work dynamic; no office “politics.” A great leader can make team members work well and create good results. When employees feel supported in their jobs, they foster a healthy work dynamic that nurtures everyone’s talent and potential, without office politics rearing its ugly head.
  • A cohesive and well-oiled team. One quality of a great leader is their ability to unite people towards a shared cause. It helps instil greater cooperation between team members to achieve a common goal. A great leader also knows how to work on each member’s strengths and delegate tasks accordingly, creating a well-oiled machine.
  • Being able to mould future leaders. A great leader sets by example. A work environment led by effective leadership allows opportunities for other team members to grow, improve, and one day become terrific leaders as well.

To gain your team’s trust and respect as a leader, you must attain certain qualities. Advance your career and set yourself apart with these eight leadership qualities.

8 Qualities You Need to Become an Effective Leader


People look up to those who inspire trust. Adopting transparency in the organisation tells your employees that you trust them enough to be straight with them, a quality they would be more than happy to reciprocate. Trust is a two-way street. An open and honest culture within the organisation fosters unity and team spirit and builds a stronger sense of ownership amongst the people.

Knowing how to empower people

Delegate the work and leave it to your people to handle the responsibility that comes with it. Don’t micro-manage — it's the worst possible way to undermine their competence and authority. They might make mistakes, but it's how they learn. If we don’t step out of our comfort zones to take on new challenges, our skills and experience will remain stagnant. An organisation can only progress and evolve in tandem with its workforce because the people make the company what it is.

Keeping your door open

Always make time to listen to your employees. Maintaining an open-door policy promotes healthy communication within an organisation. If you’re not aware of your employees’ problems, you can’t help to solve them. Some problems start small but build up over time and could lead to much bigger complications for the business in the long run. Taking time to listen to your people shows them that you genuinely care about their well-being — a necessary quality for employee loyalty.

Clear Communication

Be decisive and clear in your communication. Employees need proper guidance and a clear direction to work effectively; that will not happen if you keep changing your mind about how you want something done, or if you give vague instructions. Confusion often results in mistakes down the line, which will cost time and energy to untangle and resolve.

Passion for Your Job

If you feel jaded and uninspired by what you do, how motivated do you think your team will be? As a leader, it is up to you to set an example. Passion for your job is just as important as skills and experience. Passion and enthusiasm are infectious qualities. One great example is Apple’s Steve Jobs. People followed him not because of his technical skills and business experience but because of his unrelenting passion to push the boundaries of innovation and technology, making him such an inspiration to the world.

Knowing when to give credit

Encouragement is essential to remind team members that they’re doing a good job. On the other hand, if an employee makes a mistake, talk to them about it and offer advice on how to resolve the issue constructively. It is important to show appreciation for the good work your employees do. Give credit where it is due. It will assure your people that their contributions are valued and that they make a difference.

Being supportive of their growth

It’s hard to lose a competent staff to a different department or branch, but it’s still better than losing them to another company (or a competitor!). Take your employees’ career goals seriously. If you don’t, they might not stick around for long. It’s always hard losing a valued team member. However, if a transfer is the only viable option for career development, it’s best to put the employee’s interests first – for the business' sake.

Being a leader is not easy — but it is worth it when your heart and mind are in the right place. And once you can effectively lead your team, the results can become well worth the trouble.

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