AI Tech in the Workplace: What Does This Mean for Tech Talents?

AI Tech in the Workplace: What Does This Mean for Tech Talents?
JobStreet content teamupdated on 28 March, 2023

Chew Siew Mee is the Managing Director of JobStreet Singapore. She has 23 years of experience in understanding the employment market and is a thought leader in the everchanging employment trends. Check out her latest interview with Channel 8 on the opportunities within the local landscape here (Mandarin).

Can we work alongside technology to improve our productivity? For the topics covered in my recent TV interviews, I enlisted the help of ChatGPT. All I needed to do was to provide direction and data for ChatGPT to generate an outline. Of course, I still needed to refine the output to ensure coherence. All in all, it took me less than five minutes to work on one story or article.

In the midst of the current layoffs in the technology industry, it is easy to become discouraged and to lose hope. However, we must remember that many opportunities for tech professionals still exist.

The market is constantly changing and while some tech companies may be struggling, others are still innovating and pushing boundaries. The demand for tech talent across all industries will only increase with the advancement of digitisation.

While it may take some time for the economy and market to stabilise, jobseekers in the tech industry should remain optimistic. Many high-tech jobs are still available, and companies are offering competitive salaries, attractive employee benefits, and flexible working arrangements to attract top talent.

Moreover, it is crucial to remember that jobs at tech companies and tech jobs in the workforce are two different things. While some tech companies are laying off employees, the number of tech jobs in the workforce is actually increasing. Tech jobs have seen a growth rate of over 50% year over year.

As we navigate through these uncertain times, let us not lose sight of the limitless potential of the tech industry. With continued innovation and advancement, opportunities for tech professionals to grow and succeed will always exist.

In a nutshell, while ChatGPT and other recent advancements in AI may aid us in our work, we still need to provide direction and have the data and knowledge so that we can direct the output and ensure its coherence. The human touch is still required to work hand in hand with technology, and tech talents are no less valuable than the tech itself.

This is the power and growing potential of tech to greatly improve productivity and make our lives easier.

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