Certis: Keeping a 33,000 workforce relevant

Certis: Keeping a 33,000 workforce relevant
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 31 May, 2024

Anchored in operations and driven by technology, Certis has evolved into an advanced integrated security agency with a regional presence across Australia, Hong Kong, Macau and Qatar.

Since launching in 1958 as a conventional security company, today Certis integrates multi-disciplinary smart security and services, blending best practices into the design of technology solutions. With its operations supported by applied AI solutions, Certis carries a competitive edge in the sector - and offers a more sustainable business for clients.

But the real question is, how does Certis help its employees reach their full potential, chase their aspirations, and have a career with meaning? Read on to learn more.

Automation to reduce mundane tasks

At Certis, employees are unencumbered by administrative tasks that can be automated with available AI solutions. Key tasks like patrolling, enforcement, and reporting are simplified, yet held to high standards. 

Data-driven solutions have helped employees accomplish more in less time, boosting productivity and increasing job satisfaction.

Personal development

Certis focuses on developing ordinary people to produce extraordinary results. Employees can expect great career growth within the ever-changing and competitive security landscape. Certis invests in its people’s training and development as individuals, for the good of the organisation and community at large.

In addition to technical proficiency, Certis places a strong emphasis on the cultivation of soft skills, recognising their critical role in achieving extraordinary results. Employees are encouraged to develop their communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities, ensuring that their personnel are not only skilled in their core duties but also excel in interpersonal interactions and leadership. 

Benefits and Welfare

We believe that driving a motivated workforce begins from looking beyond the basic needs of our employees to ensure a well-balanced career life. Employees at Certis enjoy comprehensive and rewarding benefits packages to that includes recreational corporate passes for recreation, generous leave allowances, medical and dental coverage, and access to a holistic learning program through the Certis Learning Management System.

Certis Corporate University

The company nurtures a future-ready, multi-skilled workforce through the Certis Corporate University - the first security-focused university in Asia. Established in 2018, the university trains talent to ensure that every employee is ready to take on tasks and demands within the industry by offering the necessary courses and certifications to help staff, upskill and reskill.

“We are confident that with a strong, supportive and nurturing work culture, we are able to attract talent into our Certis family,” said Paul Cheak, Head of  Certis Corporate University, Vice President. 

“As a market leader, we do not only focus on fulfilling customers’ needs but employees are also part of the ecosystem and their experience is equally important to us. Our employees deserve nothing but the best.”

Join Certis – The Market Leader

The possibilities are endless at a company that truly believes in who you are and what you do. If you think you have what it takes to serve the community and make a difference on the front lines, whether you are a fresh graduate, a mid-career switcher, we welcome you. We seek candidates who are motivated, eager to learn, customer-oriented, and have good communication skills. Full-time, contract, part-time schemes, and even learn-and-earn programmes are available. 

Build your career at Certis, where you’ll discover opportunities to learn, grow, and develop in your professional and personal life.

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