Cost of Hire not a Consideration for Employers Hiring Non-Singaporeans

Cost of Hire not a Consideration for Employers Hiring Non-Singaporeans
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 10 March, 2022

3-guys Singapore, 04 September, 2012:A recent survey revealed that employers and employees shared differing views with regards to the contributions of non-Singaporeans in the company.

Of the 1,400 Singaporean jobseekers and 200 employers who participated in the survey, 93% indicated that their companies hire non-Singaporeans, making up an average of 30% - 50% of the company's workforce.

Interestingly, employers and employees did not share the same views with regards to foreign hire. Low cost of labor, which 66% of locals considered as the reason for hire, was in fact only a pull factor to 16% of employers. 40% of employers shared the sentiment that the flexibility of non-Singaporeans to take up jobs that locals avoid was the main reason for hire.

The survey further established that local employees felt strongest about wages being potentially depressedbylower-costforeign labor. Another concern was losing employment and career advancement opportunities to non-Singaporeans. Anthony Ung, Country Manager of Singapore commented "Based on the over 35,000 job postings available on every month, we do see many local employers adopting the "Singaporean-First" policy when hiring. It will be beneficial for local employees to focus on putting their best effort forward rather than speculating about the threats of a co-worker. Very often, these speculations are not reflective of what their employers may think."

27% of locals surveyed expressed that they saw value in working with non-Singaporeans. Amongst the reasons cited, non-Singaporeans were thought to be less demanding at work and better skilled in their area of work compared to Singaporeans.

47% of the employers surveyed reaffirmed their decision to hire non-Singaporeans, citing lower employee turnover rate as the key benefit. Other benefits cited include non-Singaporeans having fewer demands at work and being more willing to put in longer hours at work.


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