COVID-19 Is Encouraging Companies To Improve Customer Service

COVID-19 Is Encouraging Companies To Improve Customer Service
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 10 March, 2022

It's high time we acknowledge one of the good things brought about by this pandemic. As companies grappled to survive the effects of the circuit breaker measures, businesses saw the need to rise up to the occasion and find new and better ways to serve their customers.

And it's still happening now.

As more businesses pivot their strategies to adapt to the "new normal," greater emphasis is being placed on providing speedy, convenient, and compassionate service, like moving brick-and-mortar shops to e-commerce platforms for faster and safer shopping, or automating previously face-to-face transactions to accommodate high volumes of requests or queries. These initiatives ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

But as technology takes the lead, human connection remains crucial, especially at a time when people crave social interaction. As a result, employers are beefing up their customer service departments while addressing employee safety. What does this mean? More jobs with more flexible arrangements.

Customer service candidates wanted

If you have good communication skills and love to deal with people, you are in a good position to pick from thousands of customer service jobs now available onJobStreet. Currently, there is a demand for customer service specialists in thehealthcare sector, given the shift to teleconsultations and other virtual health care services. Also hiring arelearning centres,telecommunications companies,recruitment agencies, as well asretail brandsandlogistics providers.

But while call centre offices remain operational, there is also a rise inhome-basedopportunities to minimize close contact in the workplace and improve employee safety. For these jobs, you just need a laptop, earphones, and good internet connection and you're ready to go. Interestingly, JobStreet saw a huge spike in job searches fordata entryroles, including customer service data entry jobs, which may be done remotely.

Also worth noting: In April, customer service showed a significant increase in search ranking—an 8.12% uplift versus the January to March numbers—making it the third most sought-after industry in Singapore. Similarly, JobStreet saw a 15.80% to 19.01% rise in searches for customer service job in neighbouring countries, specifically in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Looking for call centre or customer service job? Here's howto stand out

Here's the good thing about the customer service industry: it cuts across almost all industries, offering opportunities for people of various specializations—from food and beverage to finance and information technology, and everything in between.

Boost your chances of landing a new role with these tips:

  • Highlight communications and service skills.Underscore your language proficiency and customer relations training by including relevant certifications in your resume. If you have no prior experience, don't worry. There are several entry-level jobs you can explore.

  • Nail that interview whether face-to-face or via video.With more employers opting to do virtual interviews, it's understandable for candidates to have a new set of worries. What if I get disconnected? How do I keep the house quiet? Just remember: like in-office interviews, preparation is key. Ask a friend or family member to connect with you via video chat and identify technical issues that need to be addressed. Don't forget to practice your spiels, too, as the hirer will be sure to assess how you speak.

  • Make your profile stand out with #WorkNow.JobStreet has launched a new feature that makes available jobseekers more visible on the platform. By simply adding the tag #WorkNow to your JobStreet profile, companies with urgent hiring needs will be able to find you immediately, speeding up the hiring process. Read this to get started.

What's next for customer service?

With the current state of the economy, companies must adapt to the times. Successful businesses are learning from this experience and pivoting to provide better and more fitting customer service—even if it's above and beyond what they usually do. As a job seeker, this strategy translates to more employment opportunities for the taking.

JobStreet has launched a COVID-19 Jobs and Resource Hub to offer guidance to both businesses and individuals through this crucial time.

By connecting candidates with over 48,000 employers in Singapore, Jobstreet puts into action its strong conviction: that #TogetherAhead, we rise above our challenges.

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