High-Paying Delivery Driver Jobs to Consider Right Now

High-Paying Delivery Driver Jobs to Consider Right Now
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 10 March, 2022

Over the past decade, various technological innovations have changed our lifestyle and consumer behaviour. Practically everything is just a click away when it comes to interacting with friends, shopping, paying the bills, and buying food, among others.

With modern, excellent infrastructure and a young, technologically savvy population, it comes as no surprise that Singapore has readily embraced the world of online platforms and delivery apps. The internet penetration in Singapore is at 87%, according to JP Morgan, with 1.7 million Singaporean users relying on platform-to-consumer delivery.

The Circuit Breaker (CB) measures due to the COVID-19 crisis have further amplified this, with Singaporeans restricted from visiting public places such as restaurants and malls. Even with more relaxed protocols, it is clear that delivery platforms are here to stay.

If you are looking for a part-time job with flexible hours and competitive pay, why not consider getting a job as a delivery rider? Singapore's busy lifestyle and bustling e-commerce provide a lucrative opportunity if you want to turn to online delivery as a means of earning income. As a delivery rider, you get to deliver food, parcels, or packages and earn as much as SGD30 an hour or even SGD2,000 a month—not a bad deal for someone with his own car or bike, and enjoys the freedom from routine.

Food delivery

These days, people would rather have their favourite food delivered to their doorstep using their smartphones. There are a number of delivery apps that make this possible, bringing customers everything—from breakfast to dinner—without ever having to step outside their homes. Popular choices include Deliveroo, GrabFood, and foodpanda, each with its own set of pay schemes, incentives, schedules, and requirements.

Deliveroo's pay scheme looks like this: Pick-Up Fee + Delivery Fee + Variable Distance Fee + Peak Time Incentives + SGD1 extra (for motorcycle riders only) = Take-home Pay

Meanwhile, GrabFood's pay scheme is based on its Trip Fare, with added bonuses from Gems incentive based on merchant location, date, and time, as well as the Quest incentive.

Foodpanda's system is based on a simple principle: the more you deliver, the more you earn. The app also assigns high-delivery areas, where the deliveries are higher-priced based on location demand, with added bonuses from Quest incentives.

Supermarket delivery

An incredibly busy lifestyle, along with social distancing precautions, has led people to skip going to the grocery for the meantime. Enter supermarket apps, which allow people to shop for their goods and restock on utilities even from their own living room. Online grocer stores, such as RedMart in Lazada, have become increasingly popular, offering competitive pay and arrangements for their delivery drivers, such as a flexible working time. Owning a vehicle is also not a necessity, as RedMart will provide that for you.

Class 3 driver delivery jobs

As many Singaporeans choose to shop online for gadgets as well as other items, e-commerce companies are always on the lookout for drivers who can help deliver their goods to households. A quick search on JobStreet will lead you to vacancies that might suit your schedule.

With Singaporeans displaced from their jobs amid the COVID-19 crisis, part-time work as a delivery driver offers a cushion from the financial and economic blow of the pandemic. Courier jobs offer competitive pay and a flexible work schedule. For those who enjoy freedom from the restrictions of a nine-to-five routine, this could even turn into a permanent career!

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