How COVID-19 will impact the workplace

How COVID-19 will impact the workplace
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 10 March, 2022

how covid-19 will impact the workplace

We have seen a great many updates, new rules, company overhauls, and the likes in such a short period, and it can often get difficult to keep up. Here is how COVID-19 will impact the workplace.

As part of its new initiative to help job seekers navigate their way through these uncertain times, Jobstreet has partnered with Workforce Singapore and Moms@Work to produce a webinar where various topics and insights are shared. Read on to find out what you should know when returning to the workplace again.

Change in work arrangements

Expect the unexpected in these unusual times. The steadfast standard of a 9-to-5 deskbound office job has been shaken up so radically and adapting to a new normal of flexible work arrangements, remote work, and part-time solutions seem to have taken over. It might need some getting used to initially, but once you find your groove or daily routine, this will get much easier, so take heart!

Doubling of roles

Even as gloomy economic forecasts loom ahead and companies streamline their operations to cut cost, we can choose to look at it this way instead - Our economic direction is shifting toward accelerated digitalization as announced in the Fortitude Budget Speech, and there will be growth and new roles realized that will also need filling.

However, this would also mean that we will need to step up in these additional scopes and functions. Be adventurous, apply and try for roles even if you only feel confident about half of the job description listed, and most importantly, display the willingness to learn!

Accelerated digital solution

Are you digitally ready? The workplace has taken on new dimensions on the digital space, and employers may want to know how ready you are to use, implement or even create digital tools and solutions when you become part of the team. Convey adaptability and expertise as a digital native because these skills will now come in handy!

Less permanent or fixed-term employment

We are faced with tumultuous times, and everyone is just trying their best to brave through the storm in one piece. Long-term goals have been put on hold to restructure for short-term objectives, and new hires face an uncertain future. Here is our advice to you - Keep an open mind about the situation and always grab the opportunities that you can take hold of!

Staying prepared is how you can learn to cope with the changing workplace dynamics and landscape as you chart your way into the future with hope.

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