Asians split between local employers and MNCs in top companies survey

Asians split between local employers and MNCs in top companies survey
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 10 March, 2022

Choosing local employers or MNC?

As a follow up to the 2016 Top 10 Companies Survey conducted last year, the 2017 study by and jobsDB polled a total of 26,349 respondents in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. This year,respondents were again asked to list the top 3 companies they aspired to work for, in order of choice.

The results indicate a close tie between local vs foreign employers when it comes to Asians' preferred employers. Read on for more specifics.

Asians Split Between Local Employers and MNCs in Top Companies Survey

Regional results: A clear split between MNCs and local employers

From a regional perspective, the results indicated a clear split between MNCs and local companies as the employer of choice. 4 out of the 7 countries named an MNC as the top employer of choice, with Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand naming local employers for the number 1 spot.

No.CountryTop Employer
1.Hong KongGoogle
2.IndonesiaPT Pertamina
4.PhilippinesThe Manila Electric Company (Meralco)

Country level: Local employers favoured by 4 out of 7 Asian countries

Analysis of the data on a country level revealed that respondents in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand favoured local employers over MNCs, while . MNCs dominated the list for Singapore, with Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines being the only 2 local companies that made the cut. Vietnam had 6 MNCs in the top 10, while the Philippines had a 50-50 result.

Google dominates as the most desirable foreign employer for Asians

For the 2nd year running, Google dominates as the most desirable MNC to work for in Asia, and is growing ever more prominent. Besides being named top employer of choice in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, the inspiring organisation placed 3rd for Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, and 4th for Vietnam.

Top local company that represents the country

Each of the 7 countries can perhaps be best represented by the following top-rated local employer:

No.CountryTop Local Employer
1.Hong KongMTR Corporation
2.IndonesiaPT Pertamina
4.PhilippinesThe Manila Electric Company (Meralco)
5.SingaporeSingapore Airlines

Preferred MNC employers: Tech & FMCG brands still firm favourites

Continuing the trend from last year's survey, tech & FMCG brands are still firm favourites as MNC employers for Asians.

  • Tech: Google, Apple, Facebook
  • FMCG: Unilever, P&G, Nestlé

The findings of this 2017 Top Companies Survey supports the 2016 Go Glocal report by Nielsen which asserts that"empowered by low running costs, well-established networks, an intimate understanding of local needs and tastes, and the ability to move swiftly,home-grown FMCG local brands are going toe-to-toe with the big multinationals".

Here's a summary infographic of 2017 Top 10 Companies in Asia;

(Infographic) local_vs_foreigners-02

It looks like MNCs have their work cut out for them to maintain their appeal as desirable employers.For more fresh insights into career hacking and the latest employment trends, follow our Facebook page !

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