Jobstreet Reveals What Makes Singaporeans Attracted to Top Companies

Jobstreet Reveals What Makes Singaporeans Attracted to Top Companies
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 10 March, 2022

Singapore, 24 Dec 2014 - It is every candidate's dream to secure a position in one of the top companies. With that in mind, conducted a survey to gather information on what are the top companies that Singaporean employees want to work for and why.


It came as no surprise that the world's leading search-engine giant, Google topped the list of Most Preferred Company in the country to work in with Shell, the multinational oil and gas company coming in second. Singapore Airlines, our homegrown company who took the world by storm took the third spot while Exxon Mobil and Keppel Corporation claimed fourth and fifth spot respectively.

Why were Top Companies Chosen? It is not about the money. 


According to the survey, the ranking of preferences was unanimous across all position levels, from fresh graduates to senior managers.

Company reputation superseded salary as the prime reason why candidates want to work for these companies. The reason is the same across all position levels, from fresh graduates to senior managers. A Singapore Airlines air stewardess we spoke to was candid about her pride on being part of the company. "I feel really proud to be contributing towards the worlds' best! Being a Singapore Girl is not just about being the face of a world leading airline but also the face of our nation's pride."

Benefits and incentives were chosen as candidates' second consideration. A pricing manager from Shell acknowledged that she is very appreciative of the flexible initiatives that her company has put in place to providing employees a balance between work and family/personal time. For example, in Shell, employees are able to work from home as long as it is arranged with their managers. This workplace flexibility is particularly useful for colleagues who at times need to take care of dependants at home.

Salary was placed third followed by learning/training and development which was identified as the fourth preference. Candidates see training as development opportunities to enhance their work skills for a better prospect in the long run. An executive at Keppel Corporation commented that the company provides her with many opportunities to learn and grow professionally. She added, "It gives me the assurance that my employer is sincere about my career development."

Claiming the fifth position was internal promotion prospects and career growth, which was identified as important for candidates to stay and grow in a company.

Note: A total of 940 employees across various industries in Singapore participated in this survey conducted in September 2014.


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