A Career Change from Engineering to Accountancy (a personal account)

A Career Change from Engineering to Accountancy (a personal account)
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 10 March, 2022


JobStreet.com's Industry Nites-Jointly brought to you byKaplanand theNational Library Board, we invite you and your friends to join us for an enjoyable evening together with other professionals at the National Library. Offering you the opportunity to listen, discuss and network with fellow industry professionals, the evening promises to be a light and informative session.

This month's topics and speakers:

"Why I Switched My Career - From Engineer to Accountant"

by Ms. Joanna Cheong, Adjunct lecturer, Kaplan Singapore

People change careers for many different reasons from changing values and goals, family commitments, discovering new interests, the unexpected layoffs and retrenchments or the emergence of new opportunities, just to name a few.

One such example is the current opportunities that the Accounting and Finance sector in Singapore presents where employers are now looking beyond the pool of finance professionals in search of candidates with hybrid experiences in order to fill the skills gap.

But how do we move into a new career with no relevant experience and stack up against others with the knowledge and skillsets from a different field that we are interested in?.

Breaking into a new field and making a career change isn't easy - otherwise everyone would be doing it but itis possibleand to share with us her own personal journey is our speaker for the evening, Ms. Joanna Cheong.

Having received her Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification in 2007 after working as an engineer for half a decade, Joanna had moved up the ranks in Accountancy and was enjoying the challenges of working in her new profession. It was in early 2011 that she decided to help other people make similar career transitions by becoming an educator. It was no walk in the park as the ACCA exams are known to be rigorous and demanding. How did Joanna achieve this?

So if you are at a career crossroads contemplating how to proceed, join us for the evening with Joanna, or if you know of anyone who is keen on joining the accounting and finance industry, please invite them along for this informative networking session with JobStreet.com.


Date:Wednesday, 7 August 2019
Time:7.00 pm - 8.15 pm
Cost:Free National Library Building,
Multi-purpose Room, (Basement)
Central Public Library,
100 Victoria Street
Singapore 188064

Supported by :


To register, send an email to [email protected] with the subject "JobStreet.com Industry Nites: A Career Change from Engineering to Accountancy (a personal account)".Indicate your name and the number of guests attending. Our acknowledgement will be sent to you byTuesday, 6 August 2019.

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