The future lies in digital economy

The future lies in digital economy
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 10 March, 2022


Mr Vincent Wong, Country Head, ShopBack Singapore

"In the future, there will be lesser and lesser jobs that can be done by two people."

Leveraging on today's digital economy, local start-up ShopBack has built a fast-growing business of offering cash back for e-purchases. Through his various experiences in tech companies, ShopBack Singapore's Country Head Mr Vincent Wong was able to apply his past experiences to the challenges of setting up a tech start-up.

For graduates looking to set foot in the tech industry, Mr Wong strongly advised the audience to pick up tech skills with resources readily available online to give themselves an edge in job applications. He emphasized that in today's fast-moving world, jobs are increasingly being automated. "In the future, there will be lesser and lesser jobs that can be done by two people." Mr Wong says. As technology is incorporated into processes, one needs to distinguish oneself and build a skillset that cannot be easily replaced. This involves getting acquainted with market trends, and picking up new and relevant soft skills.

In order to stand out from the crowd, Mr Vincent says, "Your resume is like your Tinder profile. It must be interesting, if not [as an employer], you wouldn't be an attractive candidate."

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