How to get hired in today's media industry

How to get hired in today's media industry
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 10 March, 2022


Mr Bryan Choo, Managing Editor & Ms Joyce Yang, Senior Content Strategist, TheSmart Local

"Creativity and The Art of Storytelling are the key skills especially in the media industry."

For one to adapt swiftly to the ever-changing landscape, an acute understanding of one's industry is required. Bryan Choo, Managing Editor of local independent media publisher The Smart Local (TSL), explained how TSL managed to gain footing in the industry through successful content creation and digital marketing.

Recognizing the shift from traditional to digital media, TSL focused on video as a richer medium to engage consumers. TSL is well-known for their viral video content, as well as engaging lifestyle stories that reach over 3 million Singaporeans.

Other than comprehensive knowledge, Senior Content Strategist Joyce Yang shared that employers are also looking out for candidates who stood out from the pack. The best applications had thoughtful and personalised cover letters, relevant past experience as well as great writing that showcased personality. She cited clever and innovative examples of job applications, such as resumes in the form of a creative BuzzFeed article or Tinder profile outlining qualities that made them attractive candidates.

For the interview itself, Joyce shared that two pointers were exceptionally important especially in the media industry: creativity and the art of storytelling. One needs to know how content creation comes about, and have a sharp sense for what makes content interesting and engaging.

On top of that, candidates should be well-prepared by doing sufficient research on the potential company, and demonstrate an understanding of how the company works.

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