's Career Fest Speaker highlight: Welcome Address's Career Fest Speaker highlight: Welcome Address
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 10 March, 2022




Ms Chew Siew Mee, Country Manager,

"A single skillset is insufficient for one to adapt to the various market changes"


Kick-starting the event with a welcome address, Country Manager Ms Chew Siew Mee gave attendees an overview of the employment market in Singapore and Asia. Overall trends for Singapore pointed to a rise in fresh graduates, as well as notable job dissatisfaction within the first year of work. Ms Chew shared that 1 out of 4 fresh graduates stayed at their first job for less than half a year. It was found that one of the main reasons for this was a lack of industry knowledge, as well as a feeling of being unprepared for working life.


In a JobStreet survey, 30% of fresh graduates were not satisfied with their first jobs, while 26% have left their first jobs within a year in search of better opportunities. For the newer generation of workers, it is increasingly important for them to find a sense of purpose and satisfaction in their jobs. Salary is no longer the only motivation for work, as factors like work environment, work culture, and work-life balance are far more significant contributors to job satisfaction.


Understanding these trends, introduced various useful career resources for users to make better-informed career choices, and find a job that suits them well. Ms Chew highlighted smart website features such as Company Reviews, with reviews from present and past employees for a clearer picture of company climate, as well as Roles Insights for stronger understanding of career roles and market trends. These career tools empower users to make wiser decisions in planning their career routes.


Ending off the address, Ms Chew emphasized that on top of exposure to industry knowledge, job applicants must understand that it is crucial to stay updated on market trends, as a single skillset was insufficient for one to adapt to the various market changes.

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