Survey Reveals Top 10 Companies Singaporeans Aspire to Work for

Survey Reveals Top 10 Companies Singaporeans Aspire to Work for
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 10 March, 2022


National Survey Reveals Top 10 Companies Singaporeans Aspire to Work for

  • Work environment, culture and leadership are the most important factors jobseekers look for when seeking opportunities in Top Companies
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SINGAPORE, 22 April 2016 —, a leading online employment marketplace, has announced the top 10 companies Singaporeans aspire to work for. Google, Apple and Singapore Airlines emerged tops in a survey where the objective was to find out which companies Singaporeans dream of working for and the reasons behind it. The findings also serves to help other companies learn best practices on what attracts candidates to work with these top companies.

The Singapore edition involved respondents across different sectors such as administration, accounting, engineering and media communications.

Google sits at the apex of the list, and it is hardly a surprise. It is ranked number one on Fortune's "Best Companies to Work for", a top accolade it has held for seven times. The Singapore office has also piqued the interest of many media outlets and individuals. It houses a cafeteria called "Goopitiam", and its menu changes every day. The office space is designed to spur interactions between employees and even facilitate rest and playtime. Free meals, casual dress codes and extensive healthcare benefits are just some of the perks employees get to enjoy.

Rolling in next is Apple Inc., a juggernaut in the mobile communication devices and personal computers industries. In a Business Insider article titled "Employees reveal the best things about working at Apple", it is revealed that the single best perk that employees get is knowing their work is important and has an impact on the world. A former employee adds,"Among the perks are excellent staff benefits, welfare and facilities- from free parking or scheduled bus ride to food discounts".New hires praise the extensive training they receive from management while long-time employees feel their careers constantly advance with the company.

The national pride and joy, Singapore Airlines (SIA) is third on the list. The world's most awarded airline, SIA is synonymous with outstanding service excellence."Employees are nominated to attend various courses to improve themselves", says a former security supervisor of 12 years. It has also been named Singapore's best employer brand by other entities several times as well.

The other top contenders include Facebook; Shell; ExxonMobil; Microsoft; Changi Airport Group; Procter & Gamble; and Keppel Corporation.

Top Three Factors That Make Top 10 Companies Attractive

According to's survey, salary is no longer the most important factor that employees consider when deciding to take up a job offer - it is only the third most important factor.

72.1% of the interviewees voted work culture, management and leadership as the key factor when reviewing a potential company.

In senior management, they are looking for more than a boss — they want a leader, one who can push them beyond their limits and help them make personal breakthroughs. The work culture also has to align with their personal goals and wants.

The second most important factor is benefits and incentives, such as performance-based bonuses, healthcare insurance as well as car and housing loans. According to a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Singapore is the world's most expensive city to live in. Hence, it stands to reason that Singaporeans value these incentives as they pursue a high standard of living.

Other factors include company reputation; support and training; promotion prospects as well as passion; flexible work hours; growing industry; work-life balance; and known standard work quality.

Championing Human Capital Excellence

In producing this survey, is aligning itself with the Ministry of Manpower's vision to "develop a productive workforce and progressive workplaces for Singaporeans to have better jobs and secure retirement".

Using the results, companies will be able to model themselves after Singapore's top employers, learning best practices and the factors that make them so successful. Human resources (HR) professionals, in particular, can discover innovative, staff-centric HR strategies that boost morale and elevate workplace productivity. All these efforts will allow a company to achieve higher staff retention and groom happier, more fulfilled employees.

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