Keep Your Jobstreet Profile Relevant in the Age of the New Normal

Keep Your Jobstreet Profile Relevant in the Age of the New Normal
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 10 March, 2022

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We understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives and changed the recruitment landscape. Rest assured you have our support in making job opportunities available to you. Stay connected with us for the latest jobs, advice and guidance as we navigate through these challenging times. 


Is it possible to find a job amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Experts have weighed in and advised that yes, you can. While many have lost their jobs because of the pandemic, there are companies who are still hiring. While setting an employment interview now may not be as easy as it used to, it doesn't mean that finding a job is not possible at this time. Job opportunities are still being created as the world adjusts to different iterations of the new normal.


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Changing your approach to job hunting

As your leading partner in job searches, we at JobStreet encourage you to update your JobStreet profile to tell employers that you are actively seeking job opportunities. Your JobStreet profile works as your CV, and is your first chance at introducing yourself to possible employers—especially since they are updating the ways in which they recruit employees.

To help you find a job more efficiently, follow our tips on updating your JobStreet profile and get employers to notice you.


Three tips on how to optimize your JobStreet profile


Highlight relevant work experience

Make your JobStreet profile stand out! Show employers that you are equipped for the role you are applying for. The best way to do this is to write a concise and concrete story of your work history. In your JobStreet profile, maximize the Experience Description portion and cite examples of your work responsibilities. Whenever possible, include outcomes and positive results.

work experience

Here's an example:

Current role:

  1. Conceptualizes and writes copy material for magazine spreads, brochures, flyers, EDM, and websites
  2. Collaborates with graphic artists and project managers to produce communication materials
  3. Spearheaded the social media transformation of Company ABC which increased brand engagement by 84%

Previous role:

  1. Conducted industry studies and developed media communications materials, including press releases for industry studies, events, and products
  2. Managed media relations activities, including press releases, media interviews, roundtable discussions, and press briefings
  3. Responsible for monitoring metrics for all media


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Show your skills

Employers prefer candidates who demonstrate advanced skills. In your JobStreet profile, highlight how you are adept at new ways of working. Ask yourself: Do you have the skills necessary to work in a world that is recovering, and even after that? List down as much as you can but stay relevant to the job you want to get hired for.


Some of the skills in demand now are:

  1. Problem-solving
  2. Self-management
  3. Initiative
  4. Innovation
  5. Collaboration


Optimize your information

Maximize the Additional Info section on your JobStreet profile. Paint employers a clear picture of what you do to help convince them that you are fit for the role. As with writing your work experience, give concrete examples when you summarize your overall career experience. Make it clean and easy to read to engage employers.


additional info

Here's an example:

  1. Field of specialization: Digital marketing, marketing communications and PR.
  2. Interested in: Creating press/news releases for industry studies, events, and products.
  3. Adept at: Developing innovation stories, leveraging data science for storytelling.
  4. Eight years SEO experience, ten years marketing experience.
  5. Adaptable, flexible, and tech-savvy.


If you are actively looking for work and need to find work soonest, add the #WorkNow hashtag in this section. #WorkNow informs employers who have immediate hiring needs that you are available for employment. Read more on how you can add the #WorkNow hashtag to highlight your profile and let companies get in touch with you faster.


Whether you have been actively looking to advance your career or you need to replace the job you lost due to the pandemic, this is the best time to show your resilience. Get equipped and update your JobStreet profile as you start applying for jobs.

Best of luck!


JobStreet has launched aCOVID-19Jobs and Resource Hubto offer guidance to both businesses and individuals through this crucial time.


By connecting candidates with over 48,000 employers in Singapore, Jobstreet puts into action its strong conviction: that #TogetherAhead, we rise above our challenges.

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