The New Normal In Job Seeking Amid Uncertain Times

The New Normal In Job Seeking Amid Uncertain Times
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 10 March, 2022

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As part of its new initiative to help job seekers navigate their way through these uncertain times, Jobstreet has partnered with Workforce Singapore and Moms@Work to produce a webinar where various topics and insights are shared. We've previously covered how COVID-19 has impacted the workplace and changed the hiring process in Singapore. In this part of the series, we look at how it has changed what employers look for when hiring.

Have you gone through a couple of interviews during this season and wonder why you have not heard back yet? It is time to change tactics with these 7 qualities that employers look for in their new hire today!


We all appreciate a person who is flexible in their ways while being firm and clear in their objective. So why not be that person and communicate this effectively to your future employer? Adaptability begins when we do not yet know the solution but are game to learn, explore new possibilities, and grow along the way!

Change-management ability

Often interlinked with adaptability, do you respond negatively and dwell in past failures when faced with a crisis, or do you respond positively and proactively search for the solutions to your problem?

In times of crisis, it can be stressful and overwhelming, but it will do us good to learn how to cope with them in a forward-thinking manner. Always be solution-driven!

Positive mindset

In life, there will always be adversities to overcome and mountains to conquer, but are you ready for it? How you navigate through challenging situations showcases your approach and mindset.

Employers are keenly attuned to sieve out employees with a positive mindset, and you can showcase this trait by sharing your personal experience or anecdote on how you overcame a personal hardship, conflict at work, or stressful situation. Our tip here, be real.


In the face of defeat, are you able to solider on or do you crumble easily under its weight? Tenacity, or the determined and unwavering spirit in times of hardship, is one trait that continues to hold allure not just for prospective employers, but even to those around you who are more likely to be supportive of your endeavours!


Accelerated digitalization is the keyword in today's landscape. Are you a digital native? Have you gotten yourself up to speed on the latest trends? If your answer is no, now is a good time to start.

Get familiar with buzzwords and stay updated with social media, basic data analytics and business intelligence, and even digital marketing tools like SEO and SEM. They may not be directly relevant in your field, they will come in handy in the future.

#WFH, steady!

As work-from-home continues to command its importance with the lingering effect of the pandemic, many employers look for candidates who have the means and infrastructure to work remotely.

This means a conducive workspace and WIFI set-up that would enable you to work effectively outside of the office. It might not seem an intuitive aspect to convey to prospective employers, but it is increasingly an important point for them to note.

Be Independently motivated

No one likes being micro-managed, but are you self-motivated, and driven to be trusted on your own? This trust is earned over time in your ability to manage your time well, be punctual, collaborate digitally, and communicate effectively.

Take ownership of tasks and be proactive! Especially with virtual interviews and meetings these days, employers can tell if you are able to take control of the situation through your strong communication skills or not.

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