Why Choose NHG for a Nursing Career

Why Choose NHG for a Nursing Career
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 04 June, 2024

Choosing a career in nursing with the National Healthcare Group (NHG) offers unique advantages, making it an excellent choice for nursing graduates. NHG stands out for its comprehensive support system, robust career development opportunities, and strong commitment to the well-being of its staff. These attributes foster a positive practice environment that enhances professional growth and ensures quality patient care. NHG harmonises career progression criteria across its institutions, ensuring fair and transparent advancement opportunities based on experience, performance, educational qualifications, and parity. This standardisation creates an equitable environment that empowers nurses and care support staff, fostering professional growth and motivation.

Furthermore, we offer attractive WOW factors such as Double Sponsorship up to a bachelor’s degree, flexibility in work choices, and sufficient rest between shifts (no scheduled PAPA shifts) to our nurses. NHG ensures smooth transition for new nurses joining our workforce through onboarding and nursing preceptorship programmes.  

The NHG Nursing Strategic Map identifies four attributes that underpin our professional practice model:

  1. Relationship-based care (in alignment with NHG’s River of Life model of care with an emphasis on population health)
  2. Nurses beyond Nursing, Nursing beyond Nurses (i.e.  workforce transformation - to enable and empower nurses, support care workers, and patients to aptly meet the increasing healthcare demands)
  3. Digitally enabled workforce (leveraging innovation and technology to enable timely access to definitive care and decisions)
  4. Positive practice environment ( to support the co-building of a conducive and encouraging environment for the nursing workforce to strive and thrive)​

The Current Nursing Landscape in Singapore

The current nursing landscape in Singapore is evolving with increased demand due to an ageing population and the prevalence of chronic diseases. Continuous education, leadership development, and resilience in crisis management are key focuses.  To support newly recruited nurses, NHG launched the Standard On-boarding Programme in November 2021. This programme introduces NHG’s strategic initiatives, values, and goals whilst fostering a strong One NHG identity among new staff. The sessions, conducted via Zoom, include e-learning modules and interactive engagement with NHG’s Group Chief Nurse, Associate Professor Yong Keng Kwang.  The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the resilience and adaptability of NHG’s nursing workforce. During the resurgence of cases due to the Omicron variant, NHG coordinated contingency manpower support for community care facilities. Nurses and healthcare assistants from various NHG institutions were deployed to manage geriatric COVID-19 patients in community treatment facilities. 

Additionally, NHG deferred advanced diploma studies of over 100 nurses to ensure adequate staffing levels during the surges, demonstrating the organisation’s proactive approach to crisis management.

Support for Well-being and Professional Development

NHG’s dedicated commitment to continuous education and leadership development sets it apart from other organisations. The organisation encourages ongoing learning through partnerships with educational institutions and internal training programmes. This ensures NHG nurses remain at the forefront of clinical practice, equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to provide exceptional patient care, and are able to pursue academic and research achievements. 

At NHG, we prioritise mental health and well-being of our staff. The organisation has implemented initiatives such as policies protecting staff against abuse and harassment, prevention of workplace bullying, and stress management workshops. These measures encourage a positive and nurturing work environment, where staff are well-supported both professionally and personally. This holistic approach to nursing care has a positive impact on staff morale and retention, contributing to a resilient and motivated workforce.

Graduates aspiring to join NHG Nursing should possess strong communication skills, empathy, adaptability, and teamwork. The ability to opt for locum opportunities and subsequently choose clinical attachment wards are plus factors in considering NHG as your employer of choice, as fresh graduates would be able to experience the ever-changing demands and dynamic nature of the nursing profession. 

In conclusion, NHG stands out as a prime choice for nursing graduates due to its robust support system, the various WOW factors, and commitment to staff well-being. The organisation’s forward-thinking approach to career progression and continuous education ensures that nurses are well-prepared to meet the evolving healthcare needs of Singapore’s population. By fostering a supportive and growth-oriented environment, NHG empowers its nursing workforce to deliver exceptional patient care and achieve professional success.

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