The New Normal In Job Seeking Amid Uncertain Times

The New Normal In Job Seeking Amid Uncertain Times
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 10 March, 2022

As part of its new initiative to help job seekers navigate their way through these uncertain times, Jobstreet has partnered with Workforce Singapore and Moms@Work to produce a webinar where various topics and insights are shared. We previously covered how COVID-19 will impact the workplace, in this part of the article series we will focus onhow the hiring process in Singapore has changed and how this affects you.

As the COVID-19 pandemic and resultant safe distancing measures have cut off face-to-face interactions traditionally associated with the hiring and recruitment process, job seekers have to adapt to new experiences such as hiring freezes, shorter job contract, and virtual job interviews as they become the new norm.

Hiring freezes / slow-down

As the coronavirus outbreak disrupts various businesses across all industries, it is inevitable for hiring to slow as recruitment became less of a priority. However, some companies are still looking out for candidates to boost their team. As such, job seekers have to be more diligent in their search for these job openings. Don't give up the search and try out different methods and send in a follow-up email or call to enquire about the hiring process.

Virtual interviews

As interviews are being delayed and moved to video, this does not mean that you will face fewer of such interviews. When interviewing, you have to expect more rounds of conversation as your hiring manager will be more particular and diligent about where they allocate headcount. Take note of the basic virtual interview etiquette and brush up on your speaking engagement skills as verbal communication now takes precedence over body language.

Virtual networking

Gone are the days where people go to events and network in person. However, various event firms have moved their operations online, and job seekers can find numerous networking opportunities at their fingertips. Sites like General Assembly, Meet Up and Jublia host virtual events and online meetings where one can attend and network virtually with each other.

Virtual informal reference checks

You would have encountered hiring managers requesting for copies of your education and your past employment details - in normal times. However, during these unprecedented circumstances created by COVID-19, firms are going online to check on their interviewees. Take control of your job search by running your background check to ensure that nothing negative turns up.

Job listed for a shorter duration

With the job market becoming more competitive, any jobs available on the market are getting snapped up within days of being posted. Should you come across any jobs you are interested in, do not hesitate and respond as fast as you can. To speed up your application process, ensure that your resume, cv, and/or cover letter are updated and ready at hand.

Consider career transitioners

Current realities are forcing businesses to face real-time pressure to realign workforces, and firms are now more open to taking talents are who transiting from a different industry. For instance, marketing employees in the tech industry can consider applying for the same role in the finance industry. Such career transitioners can bring transferable skills and valuable experience to the table!

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