The Most Popular Job Searches According to Singaporeans

The Most Popular Job Searches According to Singaporeans
Jobstreet content teamupdated on 10 March, 2022

The way fresh graduates in Singapore are doing job searches is evolving all the time. According to the annual Singapore Graduate Barometer study done by GTI Media, many Singapore youth are increasingly interested to pursue a career in technology. However, of the over 14,000 students and fresh graduates surveyed, a third of the respondents said they preferred to launch their own start-up businesses over being hired by a company after graduation.

It would seem that there are several driving reasons behind the results of this study. Indeed, for those looking into big corporations, jobseekers want work that has competitive salaries and provides job security. However, they also value work-life balance, which, many believe is more achievable by running a start-up.

Below is a list of the most common industries Singaporeans look at when searching for jobs. These industries satisfy fresh graduates’ need for good compensation, purpose, and a well-balanced life.

  1. Fintech and Information Technology

    ⁠Perhaps attracted to the economic stability brought about by working in the financial technology industry, many graduating students in Singapore are looking at tech firms for employment. This is a well-informed choice since, according to the 2020 JobStreet Salary Report, the tech industry pays the highest average monthly incomes in the Singapore job market.Some of the most job prolific sectors in this industry are AI, robotics, data development, computer software, and cybersecurity, according to HRM Asia, in the article, Singapore’s Most In-Demand Jobs in 2020 written by Daniel Teo.
  2. Healthcare

    If the pandemic did anything, it’s to reinforce the value of healthcare professions. After all, they are the first line of defense against the ravaging Covid-19. However, regardless of the pandemic, working in healthcare has always been considered a noble cause. Fortunately, since Singapore’s healthcare is world-class, qualified job seekers can be sure that joining this industry will serve as a great training ground and offer invaluable experience.
  3. Banking

    Singapore’s banking technology infrastructure is as sophisticated and innovative as those in other top-calibre financial hubs. This is why jobs in this industry—including those in financial services and insurance—are very popular web searches for job seekers looking for opportunities.The most popular jobs in this sector are financial analyst and adviser, accountant, auditor, and branch manager. Now, although these positions require some knowledge of the industry, fresh graduates, with their resumés, drive up the demand.
  4. Sales and Digital Marketing

    Jobs in sales and marketing are becoming more popular as fresh graduates realised their importance during these troubled times. As Singapore recovers from its worst ever recession, the sales industry needs to solidify its ranks.Professionals in this industry are expected to have a combination of skills. While they should be experts at managing clients, they should also be technologically proficient as sales processes continuously go through digital transformations.
  5. Game design

    Video games gained a much bigger following when the world was locked down for most of 2020. As more people want to play games, more games are being developed, which means more people are needed to design them. It’s easy to understand why fresh graduates are hoping to find work in this lucrative and booming industry.Game designers aren’t limited to designing for play or entertainment either. Gamification is useful in other industries where interactive animation is necessary to effectively get messages across. An example is when fintech companies want to explain the concept of cryptocurrency to children in a format they would understand, such as graphics, animation, and story-telling.
  6. E-Commerce

    ⁠Entire countries became a captured market for online marketplaces at the beginning of the lockdown–so much so that e-commerce companies had to beef up their personnel to meet the higher demand. As fresh graduates look to join this industry, they can count on the following jobs to be available: operations managers, web and app developers, marketing specialists, and customer care representatives.

Though it may seem like a challenge to find jobs amid a pandemic, experts are saying Singapore’s digital economy is due to bounce back stronger than ever. Jobseekers, this is your chance to get into the industries that are at the forefront of the economic resurgence.

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