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Develop and maintain software products in an organisation by coding with Python.
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What's it like to be a Python Developer?

A Python Developer builds, debugs, and implements applications by coding with Python, a programming language. As part of their role, Python Developers may write server-side web application logic, which allows applications to be integrated with third-party web services. Python Developers may also support Front-End Developers with backend integration.

Tasks and duties

  • Writing scalable and effective code with Python.
  • Testing and debugging applications as needed.
  • Integrating user-facing elements with server-side logic.
  • Prioritising client feature requests.
  • Developing back-end components.
  • Supporting Front-End Developers.
  • Increasing functionality by working on existing databases.
How to become a Python Developer

Aspiring Python Developers may want to pursue a degree related to software development, computer engineering, or programming such as computer science, computer engineering, or another similar program.

  1. Obtain a four-year or five-year bachelor degree in computer science, computer engineering, or another similar program.

  2. Intern at IT (information technology) or software development companies to develop your skills and build good relationships within a business.

  3. Gain years of experience working in a software or application development company.

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Skills and experience employers are looking for

Having the right skills and experience can make you an in-demand applicant. Python Developer employers on JobStreet are looking for job seekers with expertise in the following areas.
Python Programming
Back End Development
Web Development
Mongo Db
Front End Development
Mobile App Development
Rest API
Shell Script
Microsoft SQL Server
JavaScript Programming
Data Structures
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