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Lead a team of hotel staff and oversee hotel operations.
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What's it like to be a Hotel Manager?

Hotel Managers look after a hotel’s day-to-day functioning. They typically oversee the managers of a hotel’s different departments, assessing their performance, giving recommendations for improvement, and cascading work regulations and customer service procedures to the staff. Because a hotel has many running parts, such as administration, housekeeping, and guest management, the Hotel Manager may work beyond regular business hours and is typically on call in case of emergencies.

Tasks and duties

  • Overseeing the hiring, training, and performance of personnel.
  • Suggesting and implementing measures to boost staff productivity and business revenue.
  • Finding solutions for problems in hotel amenities, services and practices.
  • Monitoring financial affairs such as budget setting, fund allocation, and expenses.
  • Maintaining good relations with external groups, such as suppliers.
  • Preparing reports on hotel performance and presenting them to upper management.
  • Ensuring that a hotel meets standards in health, safety, and guest services.

While they manage first-level managers and employees, Hotel Managers may also deal with guests to gather feedback and resolve issues.

How to become a Hotel Manager

Experience in the hospitality industry is required to work as a Hotel Manager. Critical thinking skills and business knowledge is preferred by employers. 

  1. Finish tertiary education. Complete a relevant degree or diploma course in tourism, hospitality management, hotel management or a related field. This equips you with knowledge on hotel operations and guest services.

  2. Gain work experience. At least 5 years of experience in the hospitality industry is required for this role. You can get this from internships and entry-level roles such as Front Desk Clerk or Administrative Assistant.

  3. Advance your career. From entry-level roles, you can move up to being a Department Manager. Examples of hotel departments are guest services, sales and marketing, purchasing, and food and beverage. From there, you can be a Deputy Manager before becoming Hotel Manager.

  4. Continue learning. Add to your credentials by taking certificate courses or pursuing a masters degree. This will keep you updated on industry trends and best practices on hotel management.

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Business Administration
Hospitality Industry
Restaurant Management
End User Computing
Professional Housekeeping
POS Systems
Financial Systems
Guest Experience
POS Software
Communication Skills
Hotel Management
Information Technology Operations
Front of House
Information Technology Infrastructure
Cash Register Operation
Financial Acumen
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