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Design and implement IT systems to provide solutions for companies.
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What's it like to be a Technical Analyst?

Technical Analysts evaluate a company’s information systems and recommend new systems to optimise business processes. They consult with management, employees and customers to identify pain points and bottlenecks for software solutions. Problem-solving, analysis, and creativity are key skills for the role. Technical Analysts work in IT firms, the IT departments of various industries, and freelance projects.

Tasks and duties

  • Gathering feedback from management, employees, and clients regarding IT concerns.
  • Designing, building, and implementing information systems.
  • Evaluating and presenting system analysis.
  • Overseeing end-to-end IT projects.
  • Running, testing, and troubleshooting information systems.
  • Collaborating with developers and engineers for technical solutions.
  • Training employees to use new systems.

Strong data analysis and proficiency in information systems are crucial to excel on the job. The role involves project management, and Technical Analysts may see themselves progressing to managerial roles throughout their career.

How to become a Technical Analyst

A bachelor degree in computer science, information systems, software engineering or a related field, experience and relevant certifications are required to work as a Technical Analyst.

  1. Graduate with a bachelor degree in computer science, information systems, software engineering, or another related field.

  2. Complete an internship at the IT department of a recognised company.

  3. Gain IT experience by joining bootcamps and school coding organisations, or taking on freelance jobs.

  4. Get an entry-level job in the IT industry, such as Technical Support Representative, Software Developer or Software Engineer.

  5. Obtain certifications for Agile, SQL, or Java.

  6. Get promoted to higher roles such as Senior Technical Analyst or IT Manager.

  7. Consider postgraduate education, such as a master’s degree in computer science.

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Skills and experience employers are looking for

Having the right skills and experience can make you an in-demand applicant. Technical Analyst employers on JobStreet are looking for job seekers with expertise in the following areas.
Product Development Technology
Mongo Db
Shell Script
Java Spring Framework
Service-Oriented Architecture
Trade Finance
Continuous Integration
Java Programming
Design Pattern
Unix Shell Scripting
Big Data
VMware Vsphere
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