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Oversee and manage the overall strategy and direction of client accounts.
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What's it like to be an Account Director?

Account Directors have a deep understanding of a client's business needs, goals, and objectives. They develop a tailored strategy to implement project plans, coordinate with different teams, manage budgets to help clients achieve their goals while maximising the company's profitability. Account Directors also maintain open communication with clients as it is essential in addressing any concerns promptly and professionally. Additionally, they ensure that their team delivers products and services on time and to the highest quality standards to maintain a positive relationship with clients. Overall, the role of an Account Director requires a combination of business acumen, communication skills, and leadership abilities.

Tasks and duties

  • Developing and maintaining relationships with clients.
  • Ensuring client satisfaction and retention.
  • Managing client accounts and budgets.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams.
  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies and campaigns.
  • Analysing data and providing insights and recommendations to clients.
  • Monitoring industry trends and developments.
  • Meeting and exceeding sales targets.
  • Creating and giving presentations for clients and stakeholders.
  • Fostering a positive and productive team environment.
How to become an Account Director

To work as an Account Director, a relevant bachelor degree, such as in business, advertising, public relations, or a related field is usually required. Some employers may prefer candidates with advanced degrees, like a master's degree.

  1. Graduate with a degree in business, advertising, public relations or a related field. 

  2. Gain work experience through an internship or an entry-level position, such as a Marketing Associate, where you can develop the skills you need to progress your career towards becoming an Account Director. 

  3. Consider additional relevant certifications to build your credentials. Examples of certificates are Professional Certified Marketer or Project Management Professional. 

  4. Complete a master's degree in your field, demonstrating your interest in self-growth and mastering your craft.

  5. Demonstrate your expertise on the job by aiming for opportunities for senior-level roles. 

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Skills and experience employers are looking for

Having the right skills and experience can make you an in-demand applicant. Account Director employers on JobStreet are looking for job seekers with expertise in the following areas.
Media Industry
Sales Techniques
Business Leadership
Influencing Others
Software as A Service
Strategic Thinking
Results Focused
Written Communication
Critical Thinking
Judgement and Decision Making
Commercial Acumen
Influencer Marketing
Online Media
Self Motivation
Interpersonal Sensitivity
Strategic Media
Digital Advertising
Media Planning
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