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Lead the development and execution of products.
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What's it like to be a Product Manager?

Product Managers use their expertise in product design, marketing and user experience to conceptualise new products or improve existing ones. Product Managers commonly work on the development of IT products such as software and websites. They base their strategies on customer feedback, market research and input from an organisation’s sales, engineering and marketing departments. Their objective is to achieve business goals by meeting customers’ needs through innovative products.

Tasks and duties

  • Setting the strategic direction for a product line’s development from ideation to market launch.
  • Conducting research to find new ways of improving products.
  • Analysing market trends and customer feedback.
  • Collaborating with engineers, sales and marketing staff, and other key stakeholders working on a product.
  • Testing new product samples and prototypes to confirm high quality.
How to become a Product Manager

To become a Product Manager, you usually need a relevant degree and experience leading projects.

  1. Complete a bachelor degree in business administration, computer science, information technology, product management, communication, marketing or a related field.

  2. Work as an intern in the industry of your choice. Alternatively, you can pursue an entry-level role as an assistant in a company’s product design or marketing department.

  3. Consider completing a relevant postgraduate degree to advance your skills and progress your career. This could be a masters degree in computer science, information technology or business administration.

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Skills and experience employers are looking for

Having the right skills and experience can make you an in-demand applicant. Product Manager employers on JobStreet are looking for job seekers with expertise in the following areas.
Product Management
Product Development
Logical Thinking
Product Ownership
Communication Skills
Project Management
Analytical Thinking
Computer Science
Strategic Thinking
Financial Technology
Results Focused
Team Work
Creative Thinking
Problem Solving
Written Communication
Source: JobStreet job ads and JobStreet Profile data
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