IT Project Manager

Develop, coordinate and oversee an organisation’s technical projects.
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What's it like to be an IT Project Manager?

Information Technology (IT) Project Managers lead a team, which may be composed of IT professionals and staff members from other departments, to make sure that IT projects are completed on time. They confer with clients to ascertain project objectives and requirements. Then they meet with the project team to set timelines and budgets. While the project is in progress, IT Project Managers monitor and evaluate every step, ensuring that it meets client expectations. They may also prepare progress reports, which they submit to clients. Once the project is finished, they meet with clients to present their work, and supervise its implementation.

Tasks and duties

  • Mapping out the components of a project including its workflow, budget, and point persons.
  • Communicating project requirements to the staff.
  • Monitoring the project’s progress to ensure its quality and adherence to client specifications.
  • Consulting with clients regularly to update them on the project’s progress and to clarify details.
  • Troubleshooting project issues.
  • Overseeing a project’s execution.
How to become an IT Project Manager

IT Project Managers are effective leaders and communicators, able to oversee complicated projects from start to finish. To work in this role, you will need formal education and extensive industry experience.

  1. Complete a bachelor degree. Relevant fields include an IT-related degree like information technology or management information systems. However, a business management or business administration degree can teach you project management basics.

  2. Gain professional experience. Some companies only consider candidates with at least five years of experience in the IT industry, preferably in a leadership role. To gain a foothold in this field, start with lower-level roles such as IT Project Coordinator or Assistant Project Manager.

  3. Consider additional study. A masters degree may boost your chances of becoming an IT Project Manager. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) boosts your leadership skills, equipping you with useful skills and knowledge on entrepreneurship, business, and management.

  4. Gain certification. Singapore has a certification program for IT project management (CITPM) supported by many organisations. This may boost your competence and your resume.

  5. From IT Project Manager, you can advance to IT Director, and eventually to top management positions, such as Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer.

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Skills and experience employers are looking for

Having the right skills and experience can make you an in-demand applicant. IT Project Manager employers on JobStreet are looking for job seekers with expertise in the following areas.
Pmp Certificate
Information Technology Projects
Computer Science
Project Leadership
Scrum Methodology
Systems Integration
Vendor Management
Proactive Attitude
Agile Methodologies
Team Building
Software Development Lifecycle
Atlassian Jira
Communication Skills
Team Leadership
Computer Engineering
Information Systems
Commercial Acumen
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